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Useful Adjective in LOR

Outstanding, superior, exceptional
Best, phenomenal, superb, excellent
Terrific, wonderful, great, stellar
Highest, most enthusiastically, wholeheartedly
Strongest, highly enthusiastically, heartily

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your PS

  • What experience have shaped you?
  • Why you want to go into medicine?
  • Why you choose this specialty?
  • What are you passionate about medicine/this specialty?
  • What is your understanding about this specialty?
  • What have you done to show your commitment to the specialty?
  • What are your strength (stand out from other applicant)?
  • What do you do outside of medicine? (and how does this related to your professional life?)
  • What kind of program you will thrive and why?
  • What are your career goals (short term and long term)?
  • How would summarize your story in a 2 minutes pitch?

Key Words in LOR And PS

  • Efficient, multi-tasking, prioritize, focused
  • Problem solving, decision making
  • Reliable, accountable, accept responsibility
  • Extremely motivated, actively seek effective feedback
  • Love the challenge and complexity
  • Committed to…, determined…
  • Intelligent, exceptional, outstanding, extraordinary, remarkable, impressive
  • one of the best (top 10) trainees…
  • Comparable or exceed intern…
  • Quick learner
  • Effectively utilize resources
  • Dedicated and advocate for patient
  • Enjoys helping family and patient
  • Responsible, respectful, superb work ethics
  • Work effectively under pressure, maintain composure under stress
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Effective team member and team leader

Things to Talk About in LOR And PS

1.Specific details about the strength
2.Compare the applicant to the other trainee
3.Describe the trainee’s potential (as physician scientist, clinician)
4.Medical knowledge
5.Patient interaction
6.Passion and commitment
8.Interpersonal skills
9.Detailed skills related to the specialty or medicine – important for surgical specialty
10.Accomplishment related to the specialty for which they’re applying