Residency Interview Frequently Asked Questions

Residency Interview Frequently Asked Questions

1. How was your trip (how was your day)?
2. Tell me about yourself
3. Why do you choose this specialty?
4. Why did you choose our program? How did you hear from us?
5. Tell me about your medical education (training) in your country?
6. Why did you choose to come to the U.S (for residency)?
7. What is the difference in health care system between U.S. and your country?
8. Tell me about a case
9. Tell me about your research
10. Why apply residency now (after so many years of research)?
11. Why there is a gap in your training?
12. What do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years?
13. Are you interested in fellowship?
14. What is your strength and weakness?
15. Give me a reason why we should rank you (why choose you over other very qualified applicants)?
16. What kind of people do you enjoy working with (or having trouble to deal with)?
17. What kind of patients do you have trouble to deal with?
18. How well do you function under pressure?
19. What do you do outside of work?
20. Do you have friends (families) in the US?
21. Where else have you got interview calls from?
22. Are you looking in a specific geographic area?
23. Do you have any questions?

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    Apr 28


    I want to book a mock interview with Dr. Wing. Please tell me how to do that. Thanks.

      Apr 28


      The mock interview schedule will be available on July 1st. Please come back to book the appointment. If you need an interview slot before the July 1st, please email us at


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