How the Interviewer Evaluate Candidate?

How the Interviewer Evaluate Candidate?

There are a couple of steps that the interviewer evaluate the candidate:
1. The candidate is evaluated on “paper” before he/she walked into the room. We generally spend 3-5 minutes to go over all the application package including MyERAS document, USMLE score, MSPE, transcript, PS, LORs.
- MyERAS document needs to be clear and concise. Sometime, less is more, specially for the applicant with complicated experience. We pay a lot of attention to the medical schools (less important for CMGs since interviewers generally don’t know Chinese schools very well); past experience, honors (for AMGs), and publications.
- USMLE score is extremely important. A great score will give me a great first impression and set up a positive tone for the interview. If you failed in the past, please make sure you know which part you failed, why you failed, and what you have done to fix it.
- LORs – EXTREMELY EXTREMELY important! A strong LOR speaks for everything.
2. When the candidate walked into the room, he/she is evaluated in person. If you look good in paper, please make sure you look good in person as well. There are many times I found a candidate looked very good in paper, but was a completely disappointment in person. On the other hand, if you good less competitive in paper of you didn’t prepare your application very well, you still have the chance to make up in person by showing your great personality and thoughtful ideas.
- Everyone is hard working, team player, responsible etc. You really need to find out what is the most shinning point you have and be ready to use example/past achievement to make your point. Don’t be afraid to repeat what was in your application. We only spend 5 minutes to go over 20 pages document. Most likely we didn’t notice your strength, or we have forgot about it when you walked in. Please help us to remember your achievement that is relevant to residency training.
- You need to show us you know what you want, why this is what you want, what have you done to get what you want, and what you want matches your experience (strength). The last point is very important for candidate who switch specialty for various reasons.
- We like people who can show their maturity, independent thinking about not only medical knowledge, but also life in general
- Please keep in mind interview is a two way communication. We like people who can talk with us, not simply answer my questions. We like people who can ask challenge and thoughtful questions to show your thought process.
- Please know your application well, including LORs. We will notice any discrepancy between paper and person.
3. After the interview, based on interview “in paper” and “in person”, each candidate will be assigned a score, which will decide your ranking or a pre-match offer.

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