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Free Webinar: I MATCHED! April 5, 5-7pm PST

Dr. Wing is going to host a free webinar "I MATCHED!" on April 5, 5-7pm PST. She will invite a few guest speakers who successfully matched to the residency program this year. The guest speakers will share their experience and success stories with the audience. It is a great opportunity for the students who are preparing for the match 2015 to learn from the guest speakers and Dr.Wing directly.

To register, please click the following link. You will need to register using a working email address.


Recording to Q&A Webinar

Please click the following link to access the recording to the Resident Match Q&A Webinar. http://youtu.be/AaCMzhmC8Es

Dr. Wing will look thought the other questions asked the students, and post the answers to the website in the next few days.

Discount for People Registered for Strategic Planning Session

Per Dr. Wing's request, students who registered for the strategic planning session will be eligible for several discounts:
1. A guaranteed slot will be reserved for the one to one mock interview session in the future if he/she choose to do so.
2. 30% discount for the two webinars planned in the future:
1) How to prepare documents for residency application. It is scheduled on July 30, 6pm Pacific Standard Time
2) Residency Interview. It is scheduled on Sep 06, 6pm Pacific Standard Time
After registration, please send us an email indicating your eligibility for the discount. You will receive refund after we confirmed from our records.

Second Case Presentation Workshop

We have received many people's requests for another case presentation workshop. Dr. Wing decided to add a second workshop on 7/19 6pm PST. There are very limited seats available. Please register on our website. The registered person will have a guaranteed slot of mock interview with me if you choose to do so in the future.