About 2016 American Resident Matching

The total number of positions offered in the 2016 Main residency match was 30,750, an all-time high in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) history. Of the total 42,370 applicants, 35,476 active applicants submitted certified rank order lists. The match rate for the non-U.S. citizen IMGs was 50.5%, up from 49.4% in year 2015.

Of the 10,170 non-U.S. citizen IMGs who registered for the match, 1,869 applicants did not submit a rank order list, presumably due to lack of interview invitation; 841 applicants withdrew from the match; 3,769 applicants matched to PGY-1 position. Considering the applicants who did not receive an interview invitation and withdrawal, the match rate for all the non-U.S. citizen IMGs is about 37%, up from 36.2% in year 2015.

How are you going to compete?

The resident selection process has become more and more competitive. Umatch will show you how to identify your unique strength and weakness, understand complex U.S. Health care system and graduate medical education, prepare effective ERAS applications and personal statement, optimize your interview skills, and match into your dream specialty.

American Medical School Seniors

American Medical School Seniors

There’s a 94.8% match rate, but only 79.2% matched to their top three choice. If you apply to competitive specialities, do you want a better stragegy?

International Medical School Students, US Citizen

International Medical School Students/ Graduates, U.S. Citizens

Out of 7,364 applicants registered last year, 18.4% did not submit rank order list, presumably due to lack of interview invitation. Only 2,869 applicants matched (39% of all registered applicants). Want to be among them?

International Medical School Students/Graduates

International Medical School Students/ Graduates

Out of 10,170 applicants registered last year, 15.3% did not submit rank order list, presumably due to lack of interview invitation. Only 3,769 applicants matched (37% of all registered applicants). Want to be one of them?

About Umatch

Dr. Wing is the senior consultant of Umatch. She received M.D. Degree from one of the best medical schools in China, and Ph.D. Degree from a leading Pediatric cancer center in the United States. She is the attending physician and assistant professor in one of the best Children’s Hospitals in the United States. She is a highly experienced interviewer and serves years in the applicant selection committee. She tutored many applicants since 2012 and helped them get into their top residency choice. She will critically analyze the entire package, point out the weakness and strength of an applicant, and assist applicants to develop the best strategy for the resident matching. Please see comments from applicants who worked with her in the past.


Dear Dr. Wing,

I am matched to xxx Radiology and General Surgery (prelim)!  This is my No. 1 choice.  I just want to share this great news with you!  I am sure you are hearing lots of exciting news from all the students who you have helped, and I really want to thank you for all your guidance for this process! It will be a new journey with new challenges, but I feel it is great that I get to know people like you on my journey. – From W.W, matched into one of the top 10 medical school radiology and surgery prelim program in 2015.